Hello. I’m Summer Galyan and I take photos.

I am a full time photographer that specializes in wedding and family photography. I am currently serving the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. In 2013 I married my best friend of 15 years. Josh is the love of my life and my biggest supporter. Our hyper, handsome 6 year old son is so smart and it blows me away every day. My top 3 favorite things on the planet are my family (including the furry ones), pizza, and the outdoors. I also enjoy singing, corny puns, painting, reading, camping, beers that are insanely hoppy, scary movies, and all of the animals. I'm outspoken and I love to make people laugh! I’m extremely passionate and driven in everything I set out to accomplish. I'm also very picky. I want that WOW photo at every shoot and I won’t stop until I get it. Let’s make some stellar art together!!



My photos are colorful, bold, and artistic. While I have an appreciation for timeless traditional photos, I absolutely love to take a more outside-the-box approach to my photos making them more fun and unique. I like capturing realistic, candid moments as well as brilliantly posed pictures. I'm obsessed with natural light photography but I know my way around a multitude of different lighting equipment.


I attended the Herron School of Art studying visual communications and film photography. It was there, while spending countless hours in a dark room, that I was consumed with a passion for photography. I spent a few years fine-tuning my art as a hobbyist, eventually making the switch to digital photography. As my hobby evolved, I was fortunate enough to begin pursuing photography professionally. Approximately 10 years ago I created Summerly Photography and have been averaging approximately 20 weddings a year with countless other sessions.